“I won’t stop speaking about [diversity in fashion] until I see an improvement.” -Naomi Cambell   

Our story:

Scandinavia’s first diverse model and inclusive creative agency, founded by Somalian-refugee and Scandinavian entrepreneur Mona Mohammed Ali.
FIIRI Agency was rooted in the desire and demand for racial representation in the fashion and creative industry. Not defining “diversity” by one race, FIIRI encourages the individual creativity of BIPOC talents in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Our mission: 

FIIRI’s mission is to spread cultural awareness through creative outlets. It is simply not enough to see black and brown faces on magazine covers and runways - real representation means having diverse teams on set, encouraging creative direction and ideas from marginalized voices, and normalizing proper hair, makeup & beauty routines for BIPOC models. FIIRI strives to work with brands who see racial representation as an engrained behavior, not just a fashion trend. 

Who are we representing?

FIIRI seeks to represents women, men & non-binary professionals of color in the following creative roles:

Fashion Styling
Hair Styling
Makeup Artistry
Creative Direction