In alignment with FIIRI’s mission to spread cultural awareness through creative outlets, ensuring a fair and just work environment for Talents and Clients is a key priority. Therefore, FIIRI has established its general terms and conditions to facilitate a culture where its BIPOC talents are holistically valued by its Clients before, during and after each engagement.

The terms and conditions below apply to all Clients of FIIRI engaging in the hiring of talents for any duration of time. The terms and conditions will apply in all instances, with exception to other written agreements which explicitly state to override the general terms and conditions.


1.1. All bookings of FIIRI talents must be agreed upon in advance between FIIRI and Clients. No agreements, whether written or oral, or other consents may be entered in between Client and Talent without the involvement of FIIRI. The Client must notify FIIRI in advance of the booking of:

a) Any need of exclusivity for the Talent not to work for other companies or products.
b) Shoots that involve swimwear and/or lingerie.

1.2. All expenses, including but not limited to ticket, accommodation and driver for the Talent to the location of the work, are booked and paid for by the Client.

1.3. Throughout the engagement of FIIRI talents, the Client is responsible for the health, safety and over wellbeing of the talent and will comply with the relevant national health and safety laws, standards and good practice. The Client will provide/ensure:

a) Valid and comprehensive insurance to cover all and any liabilities that the Client can incur in relation to FIIRI and the Talent.
b) Prior notice of any extreme weather conditions or similar circumstances.
c) Private dressing and changing area for the talent
d) Regular breaks, where food, water and snacks is provided at the Clients expense

1.4. All content acquired as a result of booking of a FIIRI Talent will be used in the following way.

a) Content may only be used as per the agreement with FIIRI. The content, including the face and name of Talent and FIIRI, can not be used outside the agreed context. If the Client wishes to use the content outside the agreed context, such usage must be negotiated and agreed upon in writing.
b) Usage of the content is only permitted once FIIRI has received the agreed fee in full. 
c) Behind-the-scenes content can only be captured with prior written consent from FIIRI. Such consent only permits content where the FIIRI talent is dressed with hair and makeup completed.
d) Content acquired or created from the engagement of a FIIRI Talent will under no circumstance be pornographic or used in any way which may be deemed unflattering or derogatory for the talent or FIIRI.
e) The talent and FIIRI may use the Clients content in all media for the promotion of the talent and FIIRI. This promotion includes but is not limited to FIIRI’s website, the talents portfolio, and related social media platforms.

1.5. No request will be made to photograph or film the talent nude, semi-nude or in see-through clothing  without prior written consent from the talent, which can only be acquired through FIIRI.

1.6. The Client acknowledges that once personal data of the Client has been shared by FIIRI, the Client is the processor of such data. The Client guarantees that all personal data of received is processed in accordance with the GDPR legislation. 


2.1. The workday of a FIIRI talent begins at the time of arrival to the booking. The workday includes any preparation time, such as hair and make-up, and waiting time. If the workday ends earlier than the agreed fee, the Talent will still be paid in full. 

2.2. The agreed fee (FIIRI fee) for the talent will be charged by the hour or by the day. The following is considered to amount to full- and half days respectively:

a) Full day booking
• Studio: 9 hours including 1 hour lunch break.
• Location: 10 hours including 1 hour lunch break.
b) Half day booking
• Studio: 4 hours. A full day is charged as soon as the 5th hour begins.
• Location: half day shoots on location in Stockholm and its surroundings are 5 hours.
• Travel days over 5 hours.
• Weather day and down day.

A full day is charged as soon as the 6th hour begins. Location work that requires longer travel, full day fees are charged.
c) Overtime is paid for all hours exceeding the 9th hour at a rate of 1,5 times unless otherwise agreed

2.3. All fees incurred by the Client will be subject to a 20% agency fee. VAT and agreed expenses will be added where applicable. 

2.4. Payments shall be made in full within 30 days of the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the event of delay of payment, FIIRI will notify the client through a written payment reminder notice, which is accompanied with a 60 SEK administrative fee. Any delays, unless otherwise agreed, will be subject to interest rate (dröjsmålsränta) in accordance with Swedish law. Failure to complete payment in a timely manner will result in the invoice being transferred to a collection agency.

a) Clients will be invoiced for bookings and solely responsible for payment. Agreement of invoicing through a third party will not exempt the Client from responsibility of payment.
b) Exceptionally, advance payment may be required from a Client. Such payment must be completed 24 hours before the first working day and adequate proof of payment must be provided to FIIRI. Any delays in providing proof of payment allows for the booking to be canceled.


3.1. All information in relation to the booking, including information about the Talent, the client. FIIRI and details of the booking, is considered confidential unless otherwise specified. 

3.2. Client and FIIRI agree to not disclose to any third party (other than what is deemed necessary to facilitate the bookinge) any confidential information.

3.3. Client and FIIRI are only exempt from the confidentiality clause to comply with any law or court order. In such instances, the Client and FIIRI shall notify the relevant party and seek confidential treatment of such information.


3.1. Cancellations:

a) Cancellation initiated by the Client:
Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to first working day is 100% of the fee.
Cancellation less than 72 hours prior to first working day is 50% of the fee

b) Cancellation initiated by FIIRI:
Should FIIRI Agency need to cancel the Model, the agency shall make every effort to find an adequate substitute for the Customer.
c) Force Majeure:
FIIRI Agency shall not be responsible for any cancellations or direct/indirect damages caused by causes beyond the reasonable control of FIIRI Agency (a “Force Majeure Event”).

3.2. Disclaimers:

a) FIIRI is not responsible for their Talents conduct or behavior and cannot not be held liable for any costs, expenses or losses suffered as a consequence of the behavior or conduct of the Talent.
b) In the case of any complaints, FIIRI is committed to supporting the Talent and Client in facilitating satisfactory results. Clients must notify FIIRI of any complaints as soon as they arise and no later than the end of the final day of the booking. Complaints raised after the completion of a booking will be recorded, however, with no expectation of further action from FIIRI.

3.3. Breach of the Terms:

a) Client shall indemnify and hold FIIRI harmless from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fee) arising out of a breach by the Client of these terms and conditions. FIIRI shall promptly notify the Client in writing of any claim or litigation to which this indemnification applies, and Client shall have the right to assume the defense of any such claim or litigation.
b) A breach of these terms and conditions does not give a suffering party the right to consequential damages; neither of the parties are liable to compensate a suffering party for its indirect costs arising out of the breach by the party of any warranty, representation or other material term or provision of these terms and conditions.

3.4. Jurisdiction: FIIRI’s HQ is registered and operating in Sweden , therefore, any disputes stemming from these terms and conditions shall be brought to a court of first instance in Sweden.